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Who is The Producer’s Way Online School & Community for?

It is for men & women:

  • who want to experience God’s “Plan A” for their life
  • who want to walk in wholeness and freedom
  • who want to have their learning become a lifestyle
  • who want to live in new depths of intimacy with God
  • who are ready to be baptized in confidence & punch fear in the face
  • who are ready to violently embrace their greatness knowing it comes from His goodness
  • who want to be true producers in this hour of history

I have built this school to bring men & women together for a single purpose:

To know Him and live in producing oneness with Him!

Who is Nancy McCready?

Nancy McCready is on the hunt for true leaders. She is passionate & focused on connecting with those who want to enter in for themselves & become a big wide open door for others. She is producing producers who will impact & influence every aspect of culture. Through her discipleship projects people are provoked to live in the greatest depths of sonship possible in churches, businesses, organizations & emerging movements.

Nancy’s own abuse, addiction and ultimately her own patterns of self-destruction catapulted her into a deep path of discovery with God. She spent years living two lives–one private and one public. Ultimately, this duality of pretense was brought down by facing herself and the massive call & goodness of God. She now walks in freedom, peace and production. It is what she has received and learned, both personally and in ministry, that she now passes on as the bedrock foundation and mission of Nancy McCready Ministries, Inc. 

Nancy was an Executive Pastor for 20 years and has personally discipled & mentored men & women for more than 25 years. Her message is powerfully communicated as she connects with others on their life transforming journey with God, His Word and the Cross of Jesus Christ. She has been married to her husband, Wyn, for over 35 years and they live in Sealy, Texas.

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The Producer’s Way Online Course

The Development Project

Are you being dominated or developed? Managed or matured? It’s time to dive deep into how & why we remain arrested in our development & how we can cooperate with God as He leads the way out into a life of movement & production.

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Through a 30-minute Zoom call, you’ll be able to share with Nancy the insights & questions you may have from participating in one of her online courses.

Sure, there are some things that may be perfectly clear to you now, but as you go through, you might want to be able to ask her some things directly about what she meant on the course or in any of the worksheets so please make sure to schedule a call with Nancy.